Cuba is not a holiday, it´s an Experience!

Experience Cuba Tours is an award-winning tour operator supporting more than 100 Cuban guides, drivers, hosts and co-ordinators. They take our travellers into the real Cuba to make experiences they’ll talk about for years.

Take a trip of a lifetime! Get the chance to experience the real Cuba befare it changes farever, with a company 100%
Australian own and operated.

Experience Cuba Tours creates unique & memorable Cuba trips far those intrepid travelers who are looking far authentic experiences!

Whether you are looking far a relaxing beach holiday, enriching cultural experience, or something more adventurous and off the beaten track, we have the local knowledge and expertise to create your very own holiday in Cuba.

Tailor Made Private Tours

For individuals, couples and families who want local knowledge to make their Cuban experience perfect. We'll talk to you about why you're visiting Cuba and what you want from your time there. We'll work together on an itinerary that fully explores your interests.

Small Group Tours

Do you prefer to be part of a small group of like minded travellers who want to experience Cuba like locals? We use our on-the-ground knowledge to create itineraries that reflect everyone's interests, and take your group to the heart of the real Cuba.

What makes us different?

Hi, my name is Ayna Davies, a Cuban now living in Australia. I want everyone to see the Cuba I grew up in before it’s gone forever.

I have seen many tourists packaged onto cigars – and -Chevrolets tours run by the government. The tourists on these coaches packed their bags searching for an experience and ended up with a holiday. If only they’d had inside advice from someone who knows how Cuba works.

What travellers are saying:

A Wonderful Experience

"The experience of a lifetime visiting Cuba. Yes we will go back again."


The only way to tour

"lt was truly an unforgettable experience. We found it safe."


Exceeded expectations

"An excepcional company with a personal connection."


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Confused by mixed and inconsistent information? Travelling to Cuba via the US? A million questions about Cuba?

Talk to us about what you’d like your Cuban adventure to be.